The Foundation for Traditional Religions (FTR) is an information portal devoted to publishing pagan news, analysis, expert opinions, and the histories and stories of our lives.

Today’s Russia is home to tens of thousands of people professing different forms of polytheistic traditions. But their voices do not have any representation in society.

Our mission is to aid in shaping a positive image of paganism in society and spreading adequate information about pagan religions in Russia — about the Slavic-Russian tradition, the pagan faiths of indigenous peoples, and followers of European traditions within the Russian-speaking space. We are creating a platform for discourses, opinions, and shedding light on this side of our society’s life.

The main directions of FTR’s work are:

  • Monitoring media and running our own news feeds on events pertaining to paganism in Russia, featuring commentaries, rebuttals, opinions, studies, and your stories.
  • Providing consultative and expert assistance to fellow believers.
  • Working to shape the pagan social agenda and conveying it to society at large.
  • Working to improve pagans’ image in contemporary society.
  • Working to draw the line between adequate pagan restorations and pseudo-paganisms, pseudo-ethnic speculations, etc.

Our work can be briefly summarized in three maxims:

News. Analysis. Opinions.
Our tradition is our identity.
We are You.

All information featured on the Foundation’s portal is of a news, informational, referential, and educational character.

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